Iftar at Radisson BLU Hotel – Kuwait تجربه الفطور في فندق راديسون بلو – الكويت


With a kind invitation from Radisson Blu Hotel-  Kuwait, I got the chance to experience  ” Iftar” at Al Bustan Restaurant and Terrace .The restaurant offers ar wide buffet selection from many cuisines around the world specially the local cuisine ! I totally loved their Iftar …  The food was delicious, the service was fast and amazing and that’s what I loved the most ! Also there was a small buffet in the terrace for Grilled food ” Mashawi ” and a Shawarma station

Reservation ,Tel: +965 2567 3000

 For more details on Radisson BLU Kuwait and amazing reservation offers follow their instagram account : radissonbluhotelkuwait

 Radisson Blu Hotel, Kuwait Facebook Page

 I arrived there early before Maghreb prayer and I got the chance to take a fast look at look at the Iftar Buffet … now let me take you on a photo tour Continue reading

Boa Steakhouse Restaurant , Abu Dhabi مطعم بوا – ابو ظبي


Simply one of the best places to dine in the Abu Dhabi ! During my last trip to that amazing city in May 2014 , I went for  dinner with my cousins at Boa Steakhouse which recently opened at The Eastern Mangroves Promenade in Abu Dhabi . All you have to do before you go is make a reservation. I sent an email while I was in Kuwait and made a reservation for a table of 7 persons, a week before our trip to Abu Dhabi .

بكل بساطه و بعد تجربتي له.. اقدر اقول انه هالمطعم احد اكشخ المطاعم في ابوظبي …خلال رحلتي لابوظبي بشهر مايو 2014 .. رحنا انا و بنات عمي تعشينا في مطعم بوا ستيك هاوس  و حزتها كان توه فاتح في منطقه القرم الشرقي في ابوظبي … طبعا كل الي لازم تسوونه قبل الروحه انه تحجزون للعشا .. انا قبل لا اروح ابوظبي دزيت لهم ايميل و حجزت طاوله لي 7 اشخاص .. ضروري تحجزون احسن لكم

BOA Steakhouse at Eastern Mangroves Promenade, Abu Dhabi is the third branch to open and the first branch in the Middle East ! The first two branches are located on the beachside in Santa Monica and Continue reading

The Lodhi Boutique Hotel, New Delhi, India فندق ذا لودهي – نيودلهي – الهند


 The Lodhi …… a luxurious boutique Hotel in New Delhi  that offers rooms/ suites with private balcony and private plunge pool .

Location :

 The property is 2 miles from India Gate and Pragati Maidan

  Indira Gandhi International Airportis 12 miles away 

New Delhi Train Station is 1.5 miles away

شكله خوووووش اوتيل في نيو دلهي
فيه غرف و سويتات فيها حوض سباحه صغير ….. و بلكونه خاصه  و يطل على حدايق

الموقع : على بُعد 3 كم من ساحة براغاتي –  يبعد عن مطار غاندي الدولي مسافة 20 كم  – ️ و يبعد عن  محطة قطار نيودلهي مسافة 2.5 كم

لمعلمومات ثانيه زوروا موقع الاوتيل